Avvo Scholarship Program – Study In The USA

By | August 14, 2017

Avvo Scholarship Program – Study In The USA

Scholarship Background

This year marks the first annual Avvo Scholars Circle and Scholarship Program. Avvo has created this program to help inspire future generations of lawyers to innovate and impact change in the industry and our local communities.

The program consists of two annual scholarships; one for JD Law Students and one for Undergraduate & Pre-Law Students, each with their own awards.

JD Law Students will have the opportunity to win a $10,000 scholarship and be admitted to the newly-created Avvo Scholars Circle while Undergraduate Students have the chance to win a $5,000 scholarship award.

Application Deadline:

All applications are due by January 1 and a winner will be announced on or before January 15,

JD Law Student Scholarship:

The JD Law Student Scholarship is open to students enrolled in any accredited JD law program in the US during the Fall / Spring school year.

Undergraduate / Pre-Law Student Scholarship:

The Undergraduate/Pre-Law scholarship is open to students intending to pursue a graduate law program, including but not limited to those in an official pre-law program or common pre-law majors such as Political Science, Economics, Accounting or Finance, English, Philosophy, Criminal Justice, Engineering, Medicine, etc. Student must be enrolled in an accredited program in the US during the Fall  / Spring school year.

How To Apply:

Both the JD Law Student and Undergraduate Scholarships have the same application process.

Please visit the How To Apply page for full instructions.

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