Special Education

Special Education

The Department of Special Education of the University trains and prepares teachers to effectively manage and teach learners with Special Educational  Needs. Students are trained to make the school curriculum accessible to learners with intellectual disability, autism, visual impairments, hearing impairments work as interpreters and translators for the deaf,  support those with low vision as well as the deaf-blind, and serve as support teachers in District Education Offices across Ghana.

Academic programmes

·         Certificate in Sign Language

·         Diploma (Sign Language)

·         Diploma (Community Based Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Programme)

·         Post Graduate Diploma (Community Based Rehabilitation and Disability Studies)

·         B.Ed. (Special Education)

·         Post Graduate Diploma (Audiology) – e-learning

·         Post Graduate Diploma (Braille)

·         Post Graduate Diploma (Sign Language)

·         Post Graduate Diploma (Sign Language)

·         M.Ed. (Assessment in Special Education)

·         M.Ed. (Special Education)

·         M.Phil (Assessment in Special Education)

·         M.Phil (Special Education)

·         PhD (Special Education)