UMAT Payment of Fees By International Students (Nigerians)

By | November 16, 2016

UMAT Payment of Fees By International Students (Nigerians)

Payment of Fees

The University has put in place a new arrangement that allows students from Nigeria to pay their fees in Cedi to help them overcome any challenges in the payment of their fees.

The following are the details of fees from Year 1 to Year 4.


1 FIRST YEAR 7,257.76 28,305.26
2 SECOND YEAR 6,923.83 27,002.94
3 THIRD YEAR 6,923.83 27,002.94
4 FINAL YEAR 7,093.33 27,663.99

Fees are to be paid into any of the following bank account of the University:

  1. Bank Ecobank
    Account Name                  UMaT Current Account
    Account Number             0190134402510001
    Branch                                  Tarkwa

Call +233312320323 for further enquiries