University for Development Studies UDS Sandwich programmes

University for Development Studies UDS Sandwich programmes


Sandwich courses leading to the award of diplomas in the following programmes:

  1. Diploma In Agriculture Technology;
  2. Diploma in Biotechnology;
  3. Diploma in Family and Consumer Sciences;
  4. Diploma In Agricultural Education;
  5. Diploma in Social Change Communication;
  6. Diploma in Basic Education.
  7. Diploma in Social Science Education
  8. Diploma in Business Education
  9. Diploma in Science Education
  10. Diploma in Mathematics Education
  11. Diploma in Basic Education
  12. Diploma in Early Childhood Care Education
  13. Diploma in Development Education
  14. Diploma in Education
  15. Diploma in Natural Resource Management



School of Business and Law (SBL)

  • Master of Commerce (Options: Banking and Finance, Accounting, Procurement and Supply Chain Management, and Human Resources Management)
  • M.Sc. in Accounting
  • MA in Management Studies
  • MA in Leadership and Development
  • MA in Business Planning and Microfinance Management