WACCI MPhil Fees Schedule (2-Year Programme)

By | April 4, 2017

WACCI MPhil Fees Schedule (2-Year Programme)

Items Amount (USD)
Programme Fee, Registration & Academic Facility User Fee (AFUF) 12,000.00
Research, Teaching & Supervision 8,400.00
Sub-Total 20,400.00
Optional Cost
1Accommodation 3,000.00
2Airfare & Local Travel 1,450.00
3Stipend 8,400.00
4Medical Insurance 2,440.00
5Residence Permit 400.00
6English/French Language Proficiency 900.00
7Laptop & External Harddrive 1,500.00
Total Cost 38,490.00


Optional cost may be borne by a student as applicable

1Students may make alternative arrangement for accommodation or subscribe to the highly competitive University of Ghana accommodation.


2Airfare and local travel cost may be catered for by students themselves or may be paid to WACCI.


3Students may need approximately this amount as subsistence for the 2-year period of study.


4Non-Ghanaian students will require medical insurance. Ghanaian students who do not have the National Health Insurance may be enrolled on a private health insurance scheme.


5Non-Ghanaian students will require residence permit for each year of study.


6The language of instruction is English. Francophone students with little proficiency in English are required to enroll on an English Language Proficiency Programme offered by the University of Ghana Language Centre (UGLC). The same applies to Anglophone students who want to learn the French language.


7Students are required to possess laptop and external hard drive. Students who do not have laptop and external hard drive may pay the cost to WACCI to procure for them.